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Traffic Rules are the laws which rule traffic and regulate cars and vehicles to present an improved blend of travel safety & efficiency. Traffic rules and regulations are developed over time to facilitate the orderly and timely flow of traffic.

All the countries of the world have different sets of traffic rules. Some of these rules and regulation can be a little bit strange.

As per the study, 102 million "running" violations - that openly have an effect on road safety-are committed per day in the Capital, with two-wheelers taking the lead at 50 million violations and cars at more than 22 million violations every day.

There is more bad reports. As per a referral study report by the Indian Medical Association, 45 per cent of those create driving at night were under the influence of alcohol. There are about 15 lakh helmet violations per day and 10 lakh of them are for using cell phone while driving.

Other violations range from not using seat belt, over speeding, overtaking at intersections, not yielding right of way at junction to using faulty registration number plates, wrong parking, abuse of horns and head lamps at night.
Traffic Awareness - Fight the disorder within!!!
Traffic Safety is our Social Responsibility, Gives us right to say “I’m Home Honey!”
10 Commandments for Traffic Safety
Traffic Awarenes Keep left; avoid overtaking from the left!
Traffic Awarenes Alcohol+Driving+Speed=Deadly Combination.
Traffic Awarenes Helmet is for head, not for the Break Lights!
Traffic Awarenes Follow signals, and stick to zebra crossing always to avoid Casualties.
Traffic Awarenes Avoid Cell Phones while driving & crossing roads.
Traffic Awarenes Respect pedestrians.
Traffic Awarenes Service your vehile regularely, ot be prepared to service your body.
Traffic Awarenes Honk only when necessary. Don't use multi-toned or harsh horns.
Traffic Awarenes Always use indicators while taking turns and look both sides before turning.
Traffic Awarenes Speed is thrilling but keep control of your vehile.
I love my city, I love people here,
I am the leader, I follow traffic rules!!!
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